Title: Take A Breath
Artist: Jonas Brothers
Album: Jonas Brothers (Special Edition)
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we blink our eyes, life’s rearranged.

to our surprise it’s still okay,

it’s the way things happen.

summer comes and then it goes,

hold on tight and brace for cold.

and it’s only for a moment…

i truly genuinely feel sorry for all the people who try to talk to me and get disappointed and upset because i probably sound like i don’t want to talk to them when i actually just don’t know what to say I’M SORRY



we’re not fucking one direction



this week on tumblr:

it’s a metaphor. you’re a metaphor. i’m a metaphor. your keybord is a metaphor. everything is a metaphor. the universe is turning into one giant metaphor on a molecular scale. run. it’s too late.

the hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk to everyday


calum is beautiful

ashton is beautiful

luke is beautiful

michael is beautiful

everyone in this family is beautiful 

5sos’s music is beautiful

so much beautiful